Maxoderm Questions & Answers


MAXODERM Questions & Answers

MAXODERM Product & Usage Information

How is MAXODERM ™different from herbal pill supplements I've read about?
Unlike a pill taken orally, MAXODERM™uses one of the latest breakthroughs in scientific technology, Transdermal Delivery - which has been touted by doctors around the world as the supplement delivery method of the future. MAXODERM's patent pending formula - VASOTRAN AUCTUM™- creates an immediate effect because the ingredients are delivered through the skin rather than going through the extensive dilutive processes of the digestive system (which is exactly what takes place when swallowing a pill, tablet or capsule).

How do I use MAXODERM™Penis Cream?
MAXODERM™Penis Cream is very simple to use. Just apply a quarter size dab into the palm of your hand and apply to the penis. Any self-pleasuring technique that you're accustomed to is fine. MAXODERM™is designed to enhance your own sexual experience, so feel free to experiment. Don't be afraid to include your partner in your self-pleasuring experience. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I've taken other products before but couldn't tell if they were working, how will I know that MAXODERM is working?
MAXODERM's highly active patent pending formula Vasotran Auctum™contains very powerful vasodilation properties - once applied, vessels and capillaries immediately begin to expand, allowing for increased blood flow. This is exactly what's needed to add size to your erection. This process will result in an exhilarating "warming" or "tingling" sensation. Once you feel this sensation occurring, then you know that MAXODERM™is fast at work. Unlike other products, you will not have to wait weeks or months to see results. You will feel an immediate effect … we guarantee it!

How soon can Iexpect to see results and what type of results are normal?
The very first time you use MAXODERM™, you will begin to feel an exhilirating warming sensation - this is the vasodilation affect, and MAXODERM™is already beginning to increase vessel size and allowing for more blood flow. Your erections will be harder, sustained longer and your orgasm will be more intensified with the very first application. The statistical results will vary from individual to individual, with some men reporting increases in length and girth of up to 31%. We have received thousands of letters from satisfied customers who have experienced a fantastic feeling of heightened pleasure and intensified orgasms. It will probably take 2 - 4 weeks to reach significant increases in both length and thickness, although each person's bodily make up is different and this time frame may be shorter or longer for each person. Most of our customers experience a 25% increase in erection size over a 4-6 week time frame (again, this varies).

Can MAXODERM™be shipped discretely?
Your privacy is 100% guaranteed - all orders are shipped in unmarked packaging and credit cards are billed by PayPal or AAGP Inc.

Will my penis continue to grow forever as long as I keep using the product and are the effects of MAXODERM™ permanent?
I think any company that would claim that the erection size will continue to grow forever should be approached with caution - there is a limit to everything. With regular use, the body WILL adapt to the constant increase in blood flow, ultimately creating a "permanent" result. This is similar to the concept of working out. If you hit the weights regularly, your body will adapt to the increased blood flow to the muscles and increased stress on those muscles - ultimately, your muscles will grow. Using a maintenance program once you've achieved your desired result is the way to keep those results permanently. The same would be true in this case.

User Agreement

By placing an order with our company, either through this website, over the phone, or through the mail you are accepting the conditions of our Return Policy, Order Cancellation Policy and Shipping Policy below.

Return Policy:
Within 30 days of receipt of your shipment, you may return any UNOPENED product for a refund as long as the product is in resaleable condition. In order to return your product you must first contact us and receive a Return Authorization Number for your return and your refund to be issued! We are not responsible for any returned items that do not have pre-authorization and no Return Authorization Number nor those that are not received by us. You are responsible for receipt confirmation on all returns. The original Shipping & Handling for the order is NOT refundable for post shipping refunds, only pre-shipping refunds. Please note that there is also a 15% re-stocking fee on any preauthorized returns and 25% on any non-authorized returns received in unopened and resaleable condition.

Order Cancellations:
If you decide to cancel an order prior to the order being shipped out, a 10% processing fee with a minimum of $10 will be deducted from the total refund amount. If your order has already been shipped out at the time you make the cancellation, the standard Return Policy mentioned above will apply.

Shipping Policy:
We attempt to ship all orders within two business days excluding Saturday and Sunday. We try to keep as many products as possible in stock. Due to a heavy demand for a particular product, we might not have it in stock or the manufacturer may not be able to make it fast enough. This will result in a slightly longer total shipping time. Shipping rates are posted on the website and vary between $9.95 & $39.95 depending on product, quantity and destination.

U.S. Orders typically arrive in 2 to 10 business days.

International Orders usually take 10 to 14 business days to arrive and is for items we have in stock when ordered and provided no problems occur with your local customs office. We are not responsible or liable for any problems that result at your local customs office, any customs duties, taxes or any additional fee the local carrier in your country may charge. No refunds are given for items seized at your local customs office. Our international shipping prices reflect the base shipping charge not including customs duties, taxes and country specific fees. Our fees ONLY reflect the cost for us to ship your order to your country.

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MAXODERM™ is a trademark of Barmensen, Inc. Copyright © 2002 Barmensen, Inc. Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes or broken or inflamed skin. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental internal ingestion, seek professional assistance. Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember that no supplement product is for everyone. MAXODERM™ does contain vasodilation ingredients such as Yohimbe and Methyl Nicotinate. If you are taking prescription drugs to regulate blood pressure or to control cardiac conditions, ask your doctor if MAXODERM™ is right for you before using the product.

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